10 March 2014

2014-02 South Africa - Visit

2014-02 South Africa - Visit

After arriving from Frankfurt, Matt and I headed to our family's house in Centurion. We took the Gautrain for the first time, and it was easy and quick, though not cheap for the airport line. The platforms at the airport are only long enough for 2 cars of the 4 car train, so these need to be lengthened, as you can see by the number of passengers. The next station, Rhodesfield, is only about 300m away, and the other cars' doors open here - so people don't alight and walk the rest of the way (there is a freeway to cross). The cost difference is about R110 between the two stations!

Matt and I took the Gautrain from the airport to Centurion, changing at Marlboro.

On the train

You can see our Lufthansa A380 there in the background, parked for the day

Looking back at the airport

On the train

At a station

On the train. Remarkably similar to a British Class 170 Turbostar - they are both built in Derby.

On the train

In a tunnel

Still in the tunnel

Posing. By this time we'd changed trains from the Airport branch to a Johannesburg - Hatfield (Pretoria) train.

Looking out of the window

Somewhere in that estate is Uncle Myles and Auntie Christy's house.

Arrived at Centurion

Our train

Centurion station

Outside Centurion station

Gautrain busses

Outside again

The next day, we went to see the Sterkfontein Caves. Unfortunately they were closed due to flooding, but we were able to visit another cave nearby.

Entrance to the cave

Outside the cave

Going down the steps towards the miners' lift

Inside the cave

More stalagmites and stalactites

In the cave

"The Skull"

An icecream back outside


The view

The cave is in a small game park




Lion cub

Amy stroking the lion

The lion on Mummy's shoe


Grandparents and grandchildren

Grandpa reading a story

Then we flew down to Durban for the rest of the week.


Umhlanga beachfront

Umhlanga pier

Fishing in the rockpools

On the beach

Sand sculptures

In the rock pools

In the rock pools




On the way to Inanda Dam (reservoir)

Launching Grandpa's boat

Grandpa's boat

On the water

Matt driving

Matt driving

On the water

Playground with zebras

Grandpa's pet mongeese

A drink in a local shop

Granny reading stories

At uShaka Wet and Wild

uShaka Marine World



The aquarium

Grandpa and Matt




Mummy and the children

Whale skeleton

Greenscreen shots from uShaka

Greenscreen shots from uShaka

Greenscreen shots from uShaka

The next day it was time to fly home, report in the other blog post.

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