15 June 2015

2015-03 South Africa and Paris - the visit

2015-03 South Africa and Paris - the visit

As mentioned in the post here, our trip to South Africa started in Paris, due to the cheapness of the air tickets. We arrived in Paris in the evening, and after a night in a hotel, had most of the following day there before taking our onward flight late that evening. Also interesting was that the government had announced a novel way of reducing air pollution - for the weekend, all public transport was free. Busses, metro, RER including the airport line, etc were all free.

Our first stop was the Trocadero, from where the view to the Eiffel Tower is the most famous.

From there, we walked up to Charles de Gaulle Etoile - the Arc de Triomphe.

From here, we headed towards Montmartre, stopping on the way for lunch at a brasserie / cafe. Just at the bottom of the famous hill, was a carousel and children's playground, where we stopped for a while.

We took the funicular up. It was free, after all.

We then headed back to the hotel, to get our bags and head for the airport. Amy promptly fell asleep on the train. 

We started our visit to SA in Durban, at Tam's parents' house.

Grandpa's pet mongeese.

One day we went into the city, to uShaka Marine World and Waterpark, by the beach.

Remember the "load shedding" photo above? Well, we had just eaten in a restaurant, when the power went. There was emergency power that kept the till on, but they had no means to serve any other food than salads after that...

We also all spend a couple of days in Bazeley Beach, a seaside resort an hour or so south of the city.

Stripey feet due to my sandals!

I had arranged to "work from home" for a couple of days, and rented an office at a nearby business centre.

Bunny Chow, a typical dish from Durban. Very hot curry in half a hollowed out loaf of bread.

We also visited the Natal Sharks Board, research centre into marine life and sharks.

Our rental car

The weather

We then flew up to Johannesburg, to stay with Tam's brother and his family in Centurion. Her parents came too, by car. We were there for our niece's birthday party, and Easter.

Mozambican stout.


We all then went to a small, private game park in Limpopo for a few days,

Brother Myles really should read the "4x4 Only" signs on the road - his Kia Sportage isn't...

Apparently this one is called "Mother-in-Law's Cushion"...

Drive-through Nandos - we need this here :)

Our second rental car